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remove insulation under hood 2005 s60 S60

What does the fasteners look like.

In our 850s there were two types - round and oval - if you do take them out, note their positions, although, you will probably see their imprints on the insulation.

Were your S70's like that?

As you probably know, you turned them 90 degrees with a screwdriver to remove them and inserted them in the orientation that they came out in and turned then 90 degrees to lock them on place.

I just looked at our '08 XC70 and the clips are a 1-1/4 inch rectangle with rounded corners.

Careful examination shows that one side is kind of double layered - I gave mine a pinch and the clip came out - Doh, it broke - the portion that is supposed to flex is VERY thin.

The clips on our '12 XC70 are much more substantial in the area where the flex occurs. It is also easy to see how they come out by pinching the long sides. Buy the newer clips.

BTW - put a blanket over the engine when you remove the clips as I dropped the clip for our '12, and it is now lost in the engine compartment! Doh again!

PLEASE NOTE - the insulation IS NESSARY - I have read that it is designed to fall if you have an engine fire and possibly smother the fire.


New remove insulation under hood 2005 s60 [S60]
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