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3.0 T6 Ticking...

Not AC. Mouse nests are common here; those buggers move in in one night. It's a nice warm spot for a few hours.

Had a stressful ~2mile drive to our Indy this morning. The off and on click-click-click turned into varying but constant dry bearing type noise (best description I can come up with). What changed? 1. it sat outside in heavy rain overnight and was driven on a wet road. 2. When I last parked it I took another look at the serpentine belt. I found that the accessory drive on the back of the engine operates on a one way clutch. That allowed me to turn the works by hand to confirm that the belt is in fine condition. Perhaps my turning it by hand (and forcing it backwards) accelerated its demise. Google would seem to support the failed overrunning clutch pulley theory.

Awaiting word from the mechanic... Then I'll have to do the dealer warranty dance. New York State law says 30 days, 1000miles. But do I want the hassle of dragging it all the way up there.


New 3.0 T6 Ticking...
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