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How to clean dirty injectors V70-XC70 1999

Hello all, working on a new-to-me N/A 99 V70 manual. First replacing breather and fixing the OE ETM. The injectors are pretty badly fouled, wondering if I can just clean them off with a rag and carb cleaner, or is something more extreme called for? No running issues to complain about, pre-inspection showed excellent compression and leakdown was not bad except on #1 cylinder; they recommended Seafoam in the oil, but maybe I'll use AutoRx, I may still have a bottle of that.

The oil separator drain was nearly blocked but is now clear. The hose from the separator to the air intake had been cut off, no wonder there was an issue with vacuum leaks!

There is a small rigid black air hose coming out from under the air cleaner and into its cover. That popped off, so I need to figure that one out, but the plastic connector at the top of the air cleaner was broken, maybe just use a bit of vacuum tubing to repair that?

Next priority is the timing belt, then front suspension issues. That should keep me busy for a while ....
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New How to clean dirty injectors [V70-XC70][1999]
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