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Heater hose block? 4 hoses connector? C70 2007

Daughter's 2007 C70 experienced a huge coolant loss the other night, fortunately, she was idling in a take-out line and shut it off immediately. A couple of friends pushed the car into a parking space and I dollied it home.

She said there was a "boom" and steam everywhere and coolant all over the place.

I found the culprit and need help as I don't know what the part is called. On the firewall, the two hoses that go to the heater core connect to a block which two other hoses, the feed and return to the engine. The upper hose on the heater core side broke free of the block. Looks like part of the nipple is in the hose. Looking online this part is nowhere to be seen in parts lists but it is dead center behind the turbo inlet pipe just under the cowl.

I'd like to bypass it with a section of hose. It looks like a part to ease production. Like when the body and interior, complete with dash and heater core are being fitted with the engine, the pipes from the engine are quickly snapped into the firewall coupler.

This has not been my favorite Volvo.

Erwin in Memphis.

Former: '88 745T, '91 945t, '95 855t, currently '08 V70 3.2 and '07 C70.


New Heater hose block? 4 hoses connector? [C70][2007]
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