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Right rear shock failure, poor - dangerous sway on highway V70-XC70 2012

Hi All:

My beautiful 2012 Volvo XC70 Platinum was only driven on salt-free, paved Maryland roads since new, that is, until I purchased it and drove it north to salty Vermont, with its rough backroads that I find myself on everyday. The car drove beautifully on the 15 hours drive to VT from Knoxville, TN where it was purchased. In only 2 months time, I have developed a loud knock or pound when I hit a pothole with my right rear wheel, The car is now really bad on the pavement at 65 mph plus highway speeds, very unstable in quick turn situations. I am pretty sure this is due to the failure of my right rear shock. I just purchased 2 new OEM Volvo rear shocks from FCPEuro. Hoping this cures the problem.

Anyone else had a similar handling experience to mine? Any and all advice would be helpful.

Lastly, I am toying with putting on an IPD rear swaybar, Anyone done this on this P3 XC70 and is it worth it?

John Brabant 2012 XC70 T6 Platinum


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New Right rear shock failure, poor - dangerous sway on highway [V70-XC70][2012]
posted by  John Brabant  on Mon Mar 11 15:18 CST 2019 >

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