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2001 V70 Lights/Fuse Issue V70-XC70 2001

I have a 2001 V70 with 290k miles on it - still going strong EXCEPT for a few things.

Big issue is the lights - randomly the low beams will work, not work, or only one side works. High beams are always fine, front fogs are always fine.

Rear taillights - running lights not working at all, left brake out, reverse and turn signals fine. Replaced bulbs, fuses - no go.

And, one day my interior climate control fan kept going after I turned car off - never happened before though some people said it's to dry out a wet system/humidity. But it drained the battery......so I removed the fuse. Now, with a new fuse, when I go to stick it in, there is a spark when I am just about to put fuse in, so I end up not sticking it in.

Should I take it an electronics tech.

Called a foreign car specialist and he said it might be a big deal - the ECM - could be $800+
Something tells me it's wiring, a ground issue


New 2001 V70 Lights/Fuse Issue [V70-XC70][2001]
posted by  Johnnysuede75  on Fri Mar 8 16:40 CST 2019 >

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