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Just bought CPO how should I feel about this one thing S60

Ok, I get it I bought the car but the siren song of certified had me. I bought the car yesterday and it currently has 20,000 miles on it. I was drawn to the dealer by their Internet advertisement that said the car had 19,000 miles on it.

This is the same dealer that did this -

https://www.matthewsvolvosite.com/forum ... 30#p405530

The car went through certification on October 18, 2018. Since that time it was driven 1,000 miles by one of the dealer employees. The CPO sheet they handed me was not a fresh inspection.

So I looked at the annual State inspection and it was completed last October, so I am also not getting a fresh State inspection. I'll have to shell out another $100 in several months. It should pass but that isn't the point. We recently bought two other vehicles and both came with fresh inspections (one was a CPO Subaru and the other was non-CPO). Both had brand new tires.

Tire question:

Looking at the CPO inspection report I see in the Adj. column that there is a check mark at - Conditions/abnormal wear (sidewalls/alignment problems). I look at the repair audit copy and they did a 4 wheel alignment on the car and then rotated the tires.

I am no tire expert but I do know that if tires have been running on a car out of alignment those tires are not wearing correctly. Rotating them will exacerbate wear. The first column on the report is Volvo Std. which I assume means the condition is within Volvo standards. The tires were not marked in that column but were in the Adj column. Hm -- what??

Tire thread reading on 10/18/2018 was LF 9/32 - RF 7/32 - rear 8/32. I don't have a tread depth gauge so I can't say what they are at this time and after 1,000 miles of driving what they are at today.

I am worried that they have given me tires that are going to have premature wear. For goodwill they probably should have just installed new tires.

I called Volvo of America and the woman I spoke to was a bit concerned that they were selling a car that was certified half a year ago and then driven by an employee for 1,000 miles after the certification.

This just makes me apprehensive and wondering what else don't I know. The dealer history has not been exactly clean with me. Is a CPO car just a gimmick to sell cars?


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