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Window Track Repair - When Will I Ever Learn?

This may save somebody a bunch of aggravation....

Once again I've had to repeat a repair due to using cheap aftermarket parts. When will I ever learn?!?!

The replacements that I found on Amazon.com were so "favorably priced" that I couldn't pass it up. When I snapped the bargain sliders onto the ends of the lift arms I noticed they fit awfully tight. So tight that I was afraid they would bind and hinder the smooth up/down operation of the window. So I decided to open up the holes a bit with a rat tail file. I got them to fit a bit better and thought I was home free.

Well, fast forward several months and the window got off track again. This time I picked up a couple replacements at the dealer and did a little comparison. Sitting side-by-side the the OE and the cheapy looked reasonably close to the same. However, using a tapered punch and some duct tape to compare the inner diameters, I was able to verify a small but very significant difference. See photos below. Also note the apparent difference in the quality of plastic. Heck, they couldn't even get the retaining clip right. I had to use the OE clip on the cheapy sliders to even get them to work at all.

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