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Check Engine light came on, no power at OBD II connector S80

Hi All!

Wife.gov drives a 2005 S80, about 162 K miles. Car has been running well, then last Saturday she got a "Check Engine" light. Took it to our FLAPS today, but they could get their OBD II reader to work--said it looked like no power at the connector. Checked fuse 9 (5A, supposed to control the OBD) and it was good.

I did poll the various modules to see if they had set DTCs (using "READ" and "REAR FOG LIGHT" buttons). Car shows DTCs for the ECM, CEM, DDM, PDM, CCM, and REM, but couldn't read the actual codes.

Not sure of next step...but have appointment at dealer for WED AM to see if they can figure it out.

FWIW, the car still runs great, with no indication of a problem other than the "Check Engine" light.

Appreciate any insights/BTDTs.

Thanks in advance,

Steve A-

Ps. I did recheck the gas cap--it was on straight, tight, and the o-ring looked good.


New Check Engine light came on, no power at OBD II connector [S80]
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