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blown head (?) gasket? 97 850 850

I've noticed that my radiator fluid drops a lot during the night. Initially I kept filling the reservoir up and waiting about half of a day to check the level, and then blammo, it'd be low. so I would fill it again.

Then I looked under the engine, and there was obvious radiator fluid on the oil pan. Now, since i have the car lifted on the passenger side, I figured it must be coming from the water pump. Maybe I didn't get the gasket on just right or maybe the old seal wasn't completely removed/missed a spot.

So I bought some UV dye, to check for the source. I didn't expect it to show up quickly, but it did. But I noticed it wasn't just coming from the pump, but above it. And then I looked under the car and it seems to be coming from the front of the engine/side with the intake, which seems to be above the water pump (or at least, would defy gravity by going down from the water pump, to the above the oil pan, where there doesn't seem to be a direct line where this is feasible).

I also checked the oil/dipstick and even though it didn't look bad before, it seems a bit frothy now.

I will try to take pictures later, to show a clearer view of what I'm talking about.

Little frustrated. I just hope it wasn't caused by me running the car with a suspect thermostat potentially.
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New blown head (?) gasket? 97 850 [850]
posted by  Shaughnessy  on Sun Feb 3 16:16 CST 2019 >

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