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general talk - My 2015.5 S60 T5 vs the old '07 P2 S60

More of a feedback piece, no issues with the new to me car.

Picked up a CPO 2015.5 S60 T5 premier AWD (5 cylinder) to replace my aging 2007 2.5T FWD June of 2018.

Love the new car, AWD is great, better handling and the difference of the T5 vs 2.5T is noticeable. In every respect the newer car is better trimmed, newer tech, and fun to drive. The digital-is dash is fun, rain sensing wipers great, LED footwell lighting, advance quick shift while in sport mode....really fun....

There are some trade offs though. The P2 seats are certainly more cozy. Even at 210k miles, my previous car seats were better; wider, and taller. Not to say the P3 are bad, they are still best in class, but if you're taller and a bit sturdier :-) you will notice a difference. The standard issue 160 watt stereo is great, honestly is. But throwing 40 clean watts RMS full range to the speakers concerns me long term. 40Hz handling in door panels could rattle things out over time? Is the better option the factory installing a modest sub in the rear parcel shelf and high passing the doors? Probably not as it adds cost. The newer system is great though as far as full frequency reproduction. It's not the harmon system but I am happy for complete stock.

On the brighter side, the torque vectoring, while not anything like you'd expect from Germany, is still great under corning and boost - just don't let off the gas or else you lose the magic...seriously. The advance quick shift is great gears 1-2, and 2-3. It approaches DSG feeling...not entirely, but is quick.

Volvo on call with app functionality is wonderful. Remote start via app is nice in New England, and the sense of mind connected to the cloud for crash response, and to have help a button a way is also nice. I configured it with the operators such that if an airbag detection occurs, call help and also my wife.

Lastly, my most favorite part, which fellow P2 owners can appreciate is the electronic parking brake. No more crap setup like the P2, which no matter what I did (manual star adjusters installed, new shoes, etc) could not hold my car on a steep driveway. The new deal, as with most newer cars I guess, is a full activation of the regular rear pads against the rotors. It works well, as a parking brake should, and no more cursing out my previous car.



New general talk - My 2015.5 S60 T5 vs the old '07 P2 [S60]
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