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Water damaged 2010 V70 R design V70-XC70

What a tease!
HISTORY: We're retiring a car in our family; a '99 Saab 9-5 SE, so a replacement is needed.

DAY 1: I spied a newer-than-ours V70 at a local auto detailer's lot. I couldn't open the car because the business is leaving at the end of this year and the keys weren't on premises. I left my number.

DAY 6: The owner called to tell me it's a 2010 V70 R design in FWD. I assume it's turbocharged.

To his credit he told me up front it was a flood damaged car from Florida AND that the interior had been adversely effected by the windows being closed up tight. He specifically mentioned the discoloration of the R design's 2 toned leather seats and likely destroyed carpeting.

It has <80K and he's asking ~$8,000 for it.

I won't go near a flooded car let alone one with "advanced pressure cooker mildew treatment" but for a brief moment, I was in love.

On day 2, a rainy day, I returned to peer through the windows of the car and noticed fresh drops of water all over the dashboard and center console. The top of the windshield glass was visible so I concluded a piece of moulding was gone and the water was free to enter the car. Either that or the sunroof was leaking-if it even had one. I hadn't noticed.

Actually, it was then I nixed the car.

I had never heard of an "R design" before. Is there anything notable about them?

Happy New Year Everybody, G&K
Our 3rd V70


New Water damaged 2010 V70 R design [V70-XC70]
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