AWD - Oil change obstacle; how should I proceed?

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Oil change obstacle; how should I proceed? XC90 2004

I'm trying to do an oil change. Drained the oil, but I am unable to loosen the housing for the filter. (Mechanic put it on too tight when I had them do the head rebuild.) No options but to wait until I can schedule for the mechanic. So, I replaced the oil, but left the filter. I replace oil (Mobil 1 synthetic) and filter religiously every 5000 miles. Can I go an extra 5000 miles on this filter (It's a Mann from FCP Euro), or should I shorten this interval, or is there another option someone can recommend?


New Oil change obstacle; how should I proceed? [XC90][2004]
posted by  kcookvt  on Sun Dec 16 10:52 CST 2018 >

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