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Rattle Driving Us Nuts!

I'm putting this in General discussion to throw as wide a net as possible on as many forums as possible. We have a pampered and unmolested 2003 V40 that we love with about 104K miles. About 5000 miles ago, it developed a harsh, loud and persistent rattle and clank coming from behind the glove box surround where the air bag lives. I have taken everything apart from the front (radio, speakers, a/c control panel. etc.), except remove the dash itself, which is beyond my skills and abilities. I have probed around in the open spots with my hand, hoping to find a loose connector, or cross brace, etc. without success. I have also gone over the suspension and replaced the sway bar links hoping it might be those.

Is there any kind of work around to get in back of the air bag unit without removing the dash completely? And does anyone have an idea as to specifically what this might be? It's really driving us nuts! Otherwise the car is as quiet as an empty church.


New Rattle Driving Us Nuts!
posted by  Richouser  on Tue Dec 4 23:29 CST 2018 >

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