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CVVT Hub oil leakage question... V70-XC70 2007


So I continue to have an oil leak around the CVVT hubs and CAM Seals.

Here is what I've done to date.
- Replaced both front exhaust and intake CAM seals as they were not seated correctly after the head install.

- Replaced all O-rings in the CVVT hubs with new ones.

The leak is now greatly reduced from what it was, but still there and I'd like it to not be!

My thoughts are this as of now: When I replaced the exhaust CAM seal I was careful not push the seal all the way in, though I may have gone farther than maybe I should have, thus possibly the remaining leak that I can't seem to get rid of. My plan is to remove the hub one more time, pull the seal and push a new one it, but making completely sure I don't go past flush with it. I think right now I may be a 1/16th past flush, but not more than that. If this does not fix it, then my last recourse will be to replace the hubs.

So to that end, how do the hubs fail and/or leak? I know that the O-rings can get old and hard, making them more likely to pass oil by them, but where else might they leak?

If anyone has any insight into this issue, I would be glad to hear about it so that I can finally get this PITA fixed once and for all!

Thanks in advance,



New CVVT Hub oil leakage question... [V70-XC70][2007]
posted by  TheBrickTank  on Fri Nov 9 06:34 CST 2018 >

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