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Changing - or not - high intensity headlight bulbs S80 2008

One of our low beam headlights is out. When I pulled the headlight shell, I found I've got high intensity headlights, oh joy. The only online tutorial I found recommended that home mechanics not change these out, citing voltage (I take it in a capacitor) that can zap you. Our neighbor mechanic says, yes, you can get zapped, but not if you're careful.

He also says that it's more commonly the ballast than the bulb, but that the thing to do is change the bulb first, because the ballast is a lot more expensive.

Advice sought.


New Changing - or not - high intensity headlight bulbs [S80][2008]
posted by  Bill Houghton  on Thu Nov 8 17:49 CST 2018 >

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