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Need purchasing advice in California

So, I just got back from L.A. visiting my son. His 2001 XC70 is on it's last legs...tranny issues, loss of power and someone backed into his rear passenger door. I would love to put him back into another Volvo, but I have no idea how to manage that long distance. He has about $10K and contemplated a lease of a Civic, Subaru or Mazda. Having always had Volvos (544, 140, P1800, 240, 740, S40, S60 and XC70) I am sold it the safety and solidity of the car. Having now driven on the expressways in LA, I really do want him in a safe vehicle. What would you all do it this situation? He is not 'a car guy', thus does not enjoy nor understand the pre-owned car buying process. He found a mechanic, but its a small independent shop run by Two Swedes (that's the name). They seem to only work on the older models, no resource for purchasing.
Had to put it out there, as I know he will call soon to tell me that his car has ended its life. !


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posted by  AlanS  on Wed Nov 7 19:21 CST 2018 >

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