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M66 Transmission Oil Seal, Angle Gear

2005 P1 S40, 6-speed manual trans AWD:

I just replaced the right side axle and trans fluid and noticed an extra pool of fresh (expensive) transmission oil on the garage floor. This is not the stuff that leaked out when removing the axle nor is it the overflow from filling the trans. Much cleaning and inspection ensued leading me to the determination that the new leak is coming from between the trans and the angle gear (AG) housing.

Now my research leads me to believe that I damaged the seal that the axle goes through at the exit of the transaxle (and probably the AG output too).

This is where things get fuzzy and I come to BB for advice: I don't understand the interface between the trans, AG and front drive axle. What parts should I be ordering to fix the leak and what else should I be replacing while I have the axle and AG out?

I'm not finding much out on those internets about how the trans/AG/axle all interface. here's what I *know* from observation: The axle comes out of the trans, through the AG and on its merry way to the CVs and hub. It does not transmit any power to the AG, merely passes through. The axle has sealing surfaces for the exit of the trans and exit of the AG, but not the input to the angle gear.

Here it gets fuzzy. The angle gear gets it's motive force from an interface with the trans via a female splined sleeve. One that tends to strip out and require replacement. This sleeve has an oil seal both on the OD and the ID. OD for the sleeve, ID for the axle that rides inside it. But then the angle gear input must also have a seal, right?

In any case, I'm having trouble determining which part numbers I need. Pretty sure 9143885 is for the axle seal on the transmission (inside the sleeve) and 30681339 for the angle gear FR axle output. Angle gear oil should be refreshed of course. What else? I don't understand what seals the input into the angle gear, especially since there isn't a machined surface on the axle to mate to.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate any insight I can gather. I could go in there and pull it all apart, but, as always, garage time is short and I don't want to take the car out of service.


New M66 Transmission Oil Seal, Angle Gear
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