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PEM and fuel pressure sensor pursuit of hesitation shifting issue V70-XC70 2005

I have a V70 2.5T with 101,000 miles on it. Been very reliable. Changed tranny fluid at 50,000 miles after being warned.

For the last year, I have noticed an occasional stumble in the idle, and hard starting. Not often.

A month ago, coming back from a 4 hour trip, halfway home there was power hesitation while going 50mph and about ready to downshift due to a slight slope. It was like the engine didn't want to deliver more power. Lasted a few seconds. Made it home with only one more similar instance. At first I thought it was only 5/4 transitions, but then I had it while accelerating from 20mph. Loss of power. I first thought "transmission", and changed the fluid. It was still red from my change at 50k. I started thinking it was a valve body issue, for some reason locked on tranny problem.

Then it threw P0193 and P0190. I reset that, and some time later and some stuttering which seems to be only when the car has been running for 1/2 hr or more, P0088 and P0193. In searching the internet, I see that both the FPS and PEM have been issues on P02s. My fuel tank is plastic, and the PEM is mounted on its side right next to the fuel filter. I had a new filter, and was about to have a mechanic change the tranny fluid and filter so now those jobs are done. Fuel flowed clear out both ends of the filter when I changed it.

I was convinced it is likely the FPS, which is in the mail to me. However, since there is a service bulletin advising to move the PEM to a new location next to the spare tire (with a wiring harness extension), and the PEM has been responsible for hesitation issues, I am ready to go that route next. Apparently a lot of P02's are being scrapped, and PEM modules that have always been in the spare tire compartment or under the rear seat are available used for a decent price. Cars! Just stopped by to let others know. I can't figure out how to recover my password here, and trying to post as a guest.



New PEM and fuel pressure sensor pursuit of hesitation shifting issue [V70-XC70][2005]
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