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Haldex 3 servicing... V70-XC70 2007

This coming weekend I'm going to remove the part of the Haldex 3 unit that attaches to the drive shaft so that I can remove the pump and check if it works yet as I'm about to put the AWD unit all back together before the weekend.

My question is this, when I put this piece back on, I'm assuming it needs to be torqued to a certain value, does anyone here know what that value is? Also, is there a preload torque valve that I should know about as I'm assuming there is a crush washer inside this unit.

I hope this makes sense, looking for insight.

Thanks in advance,

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New Haldex 3 servicing... [V70-XC70][2007]
posted by  TheBrickTank  on Sun Oct 14 18:46 CST 2018 >

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