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93 850 bolt stripped timing belt tensioner 850

I'm in the process of doing the timing belt for my 93, and the lower bolt on the timing belt tensioner has stripped.

NOT the bolt itself, but the threads in the engine block that the bolt goes into. Not sure if I lined it up wrong, or what. Whatever the cause, it happened. So do I re-tap it or replace the engine (the engine is fine, other than being a typical 93 slow poke engine) or get a new car?

The pros and cons of re-tapping.

Pro: If it's possible, it's probably cheaper than a new engine, because...
My car now has a branded title and isn't worth squat (some jerkface backed into my door in April) and I'm not super excited about the prospect of dumping a ton of money into a car that I probably couldn't sell for more than 600 bucks.
Con: I'm not sure how I could do it without it being a huge PITA.

The Pros and cons of new (to me) engine.

Pro: I'd be able to do a lot of the maintenance needed with the engine out of the car.
Con: I don't necessarily want to deal with taking an engine out of my car and put one back in.
Con: It's more money into an inexpensive/worthless car (see above).

Or do I get a new (to me) car?

Pro: Potentially nicer car, and style I like (wagon).
Con: Having to deal with all the undone and potentially spendy maintenance

So does anyone here know if it's possible/safe to re-tap it? The current bolt is a m8 I believe. either 1 or 1.25, I'm not entire sure.

I would assume IF I could re-tap it, I could go with an M8, if it fits in the lower bolt hole in the tensioner. That parts easy enough to figure out.

1985 245. 246K Gone..but not forgotten. Sold in 2013, found 2018! Still running on the road. Of course.


New 93 850 bolt stripped timing belt tensioner [850]
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