AWD - 2012 S60 thermostat: remove air box?

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2012 S60 thermostat: remove air box? S60 2012

Have P0128 code - faulty thermostat or ECT sensor - and am getting ready to replace them. The thermostat does not seem to be on top of the engine like it was in older models. Looking for the thermostat by following radiator hose it appears to be behind and/or under the air box. Do I have to remove the air box to get to the thermostat or am I looking in the wrong place? If yes on the air box, how does it come out? If that’s not how to get to thermostat then a pointer in the right direction would be appreciated.

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New 2012 S60 thermostat: remove air box? [S60][2012]
posted by  thaywood  on Sun Oct 14 09:42 CST 2018 >

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