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P0172 Gremlin is back.... S70 1998


I've been fighting this thing for quite some time now and it appears I've circled back. Ugh!

Any ways, this morning, before I did anything I had the following codes:
P0410, P0301, P0300, and P0305.

The car was running like crap and you could feel the misfires, it was awful.

So I replace the CAM sensor and while I was in there I replaced the CAM seal as well as it was leaking.

Took the car out for a test drive (about 10 miles, 15 mintues) with very little to no stopping and no code were pending. Parked the car figured the problem was gone.

Took the car out about an hour later, and all of a sudden I now have a pending P0172 code. This drive was about 20 miles, and took a little over 20 minutes to complete. Before I get home the pending code becomes a real code, and when I started the car up later in the day, I now have a new misfire code, believe it to be P0301. When I did get home from this drive, I checked for vacuum at the FPR and I had none, so this is why my car is running rich, but I do not believe it to be the vapor canister purge valve as I tried a brand new one and it did not make a difference, it acted just like the original one. Sometimes the valve works, sometimes it does not. I'm starting to think flaky ECU, but can't prove it. Thoughts????

In addition to this I now have a better understanding of what it will take to set the pending code, or at least this is what I believe is happening from what I've been reading today. While driving at speed or accelerating, the vapor canister purge valve gets turned off so as to supply maximum pressure to the fuel rail. When you are idling the vapor canister purge valve gets turned on so as to lower the pressure at the fuel rail, and thus keep the proper 14.7 to 1 ratio that is needed to burn the fuel efficiently. However, in my case, this is not happening all the time as is evident when I remove the vacuum line to the FPR when I'm idling, sometime's I have vacuum, sometime's I do not, so here in lies a problem, and the question is why is this happening sometimes at idle the vacuum is there and other times I have nothing. Inquiring minds want to know as I'm getting close to taking this in to see the man.

Thanks in advance,

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New P0172 Gremlin is back.... [S70][1998]
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