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amber arrow alert

I posted about this problem before but have yet to solve it. My 2000 V-70 began to flash the amber arrow on the lover portion of the instrument cluster about a month ago. At the time that this began, my daughter was driving the car and thought that it was an indication of transmission trouble. Indeed, this is what the owner's manual states. When I drove out to switch cars with her, I found that, while the amber arrow did indeed start blinking on start up, the car shifted normally and the fluid was red and to the mark. I tried a fix that Klaus recommended---moving the shifter back and forth numerous times---but to no avail. The other day the car shifted rather lazily out of first gear, but this lasted only a very short while before returning to normal. I did notice that the speedometer is now acting up---working then not working. Could the two problems be related? I know that the speedometer problem is usually related to weak solders in the ABS unit. Is it possible that the ABS unit defect could also cause the amber arrow to flash, or is this an unrelated coincidence?


New amber arrow alert
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