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Searching for OEM Part No. 1346646 - Buffer 850 1996

Unsurprisingly, parts are perishing on my R. The latest, just after a left rear brake pipe dangerously rubbed through on a transverse link/support arm, was the crude attachment of the air inlet snout to the so-called front section. Parts are getting harder and harder to find; this one is NLA (No Longer Available) anywhere I have so far tried.
In an attempt to keep him original, I really don't want to have to resort to a cable tie, the most often suggested fix for most things lately.
Any suggestions as to where I might find one of these 1346646 buffers would be gratefully appreciated.
The image () shows the part re-assembled; it is torn.
There is an illustration at https://www.volvopartswebstore.com/products/Volvo/850/Buffer-NO-LONGER-AVAILABLE/1108539/1346646.html.


New Searching for OEM Part No. 1346646 - Buffer [850][1996]
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