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Brake caliper question

Good answer! It will be most difficult to determine which caliper is off, keeping the exact pressure on the brakes while turning the front wheels might take 3 people. 2 to turn the wheels and one to apply the brakes. Or... put the car in gear and see which wheel stops first??? I am talking about very light pressure.

I don't have a micrometer to check the pad thickness or the rotor thickness. I should probably trash the pads and rotors and replace them with Ate quality parts. The calipers do work because a hard stop does not pull the steering wheel, and the car does track straight on a level road.

I don't mind getting remaned calipers, but if it is not necessary why do it? If I get new calipers, should I paint them yellow or red???? LOL
Keeping it running is better than buying new


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New Brake caliper question
posted by  KlausC  on Mon Nov 13 19:51 CST 2017 >

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