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Inside door handle driver side V70 2005 V70-XC70

You will have to pull the door panel off to see the reason it broke. The V70 and S60 use a flimsy plastic mechanism that is attached to the backside of the panel. (On the S80's it's actually attached to the door structure as it should be.) The bad news is that it's bonded to the panel such that Volvo will only sell the complete panel for $400+ dollars. The good news is, if you're lucky, you can:

A.) Go to a junk yard and get a good panel with a working lever.

B.) Get an ugly door panel and CAREFULLY pry the lever assembly off the panel and epoxy it onto your panel. I did this and it worked for a year or so and then the replacement broke the same way.

C.) Drill TINY, strategically placed holes in the base piece and then thread very small gauge safety wire through those holes to hold the top piece on. So far, in my case, that's been the best fix.

This will all make sense once you see what's broken. It's the lamest design you could imagine. I'm sorry I didn't take more/better photos. But here's one showing the base piece with the wires inserted. Each piece of wire is bent into a squared-off U-shape and run through two holes in the base piece, from the inside of the base, outward. Then, when the top piece is installed, you twist the safety wire together over the top of it. You can't twist the safety wire too tight or it will tear out of the base piece.


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New Inside door handle driver side V70 2005 [V70-XC70]
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