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Cosmetic restoration of roof rails 850

I just installed a set of roof rails on my 1995, the donor car was also 1995. The rails are a light grey, due to being outside for over 15 years. I could smear them with vinyl protectorate to darken them a bit.

Because this is my 'project' car, I was wondering if I could sand them first with 400 grit to get some of the oxidation off before coating them. Or would this be too messy and look bad later? I am not sure that the sanding result would be uniform. I guess I could try an area on the 'inside' of the rails and see how that looks.

I do not want to 'paint' them with bumper cover stuff. The grey matches the door handles, and I might want to try something there also.

My 'free' roof rails are missing a couple of small plastic covers, exposing the T25 screws, so it is not 'perfect'. I also intend to remove the black plastic over the windshield side strips and leave them as polished aluminum.

Keeping it running is better than buying new


New Cosmetic restoration of roof rails [850]
posted by  KlausC  on Wed Nov 16 13:15 CST 2016 >

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