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2001 S80 200k miles will not start after sitting for 6 weeks S80 2001

I've been in Europe for the past six weeks. Car was not started the entire time i was gone. stupid, i know. The car was running fine when I left, and in fact given a clean bill of health after a complete inspection when i bought it in february. Only problem was the brake booster was starting to hiss.

Return home today, the car has power, interior lights, radio, etc. Engine is turning over but not catching. I didn't hear the typical 'clicking' sound i've heard with dead batteries in other cars, however i figured it had to be a battery issue, especially after 10 minutes of leaving the door open/lights on, i got a 'low battery voltage' message in the message window.

take the battery out and take it to autozone. they said it had 12 volts but lets charge it anyway. an hour later, they say it should be fine. put the battery back in, power comes on, but the engine is moving even less. like not at all, really. no clicking.

now i see there is a procedure for removing/replacing batteries in these. stupid for not reading the manual, i know. anyway, i had an old 240 for years but i really don't know much about cars and i'm not a mechanic. i appreciate any advice you can give, but any references to esoteric parts and procedures might go over my head.
thanks in advance!


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New 2001 S80 200k miles will not start after sitting for 6 weeks [S80][2001]
posted by  BackToAnalog  on Tue Apr 3 17:42 CST 2012 >

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