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More Front O2 sensor notes 850

Hiya Fixit!

Did you see any mileage improvement with the new O2 sensors?

The new O2 sensor is in, but what a PIA, I found a 7/8 box wrench needed
a longer handle and nothing seemed to fit, so I took a short length of 1-1/4"
pipe and smashed the end 3" down so that the open end part of the wrench fit tight
and that worked (after heating the thing for several minutes with a propane torch.
My MAPP gas decided to run out when I needed it most!
Maybe it's easier to saw the sensor with a sawzall and take it out with a 1/2 drive 7/8" socket and a 2' breaker bar? It was really stuck in there.

Then the miserable thing came out with what looked like the threads all galled up.
So I borrowed a 18MM-1.5 tap to clean the down pipe thread. and now I'm back in
business. Now if the solderless connector doesn't fall apart I'll be happy.



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New Front O2 sensor notes [850]
posted by  B.B.  on Thu Mar 22 23:57 CST 2012 >

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