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Control Arm Failure in 2 weeks S70 1998

Hi, I have given the bilstein/febi brand of control arm a tryout. While I am only just rebuilding my '96 850t front end and have no miles on these yet, they do look very high quality and are German made. I have previously used the billstein/febi brand for the rear trailing arm bushings(2)(yup those) and they have been very good. These are priced very well from a company called RMEuropean based in Denver and I think L.A. I live on the east coast and even though they are shipped from the mountain or west coast time zones they arrive in a very timely manner. They have a low free shipping threshhold. Another nice touch is an email box next to each product that you choose which lets you ask questions about the part....my main question is country of manufacture and they will tell you right up front. I also am trying some Lemforder sway bar links made in Germany from them that are very well priced.
I am NOT affiliated with them just happy with their goods and services.



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New Control Arm Failure in 2 weeks [S70][1998]
posted by  RepairmanJackal  on Sun Nov 27 07:23 CST 2011 >

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