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V70 Engine Swap B5244 Non turbo to turbo.... V70-XC70 2001

Our 2001 V70 is in need of a new auto transmission (after only 60K Miles and not that impressed). I can get my hands on a very reasonably priced damaged 2001 S60T as a complete car. Whilst I first and foremost need the car for the auto box, I figure I may as well look at putting the Light Pressure turbo motor in which I believe is the B5244T3 and give the family chariot a bit of extra power.

Is there anything that IS NOT interchangable, I believe that it would require the donor cars turbo ECU as our car is non-turbo however does the two cars have the same wiring harness and connections thus enabling a relatively forward exchange. Any other expected issues on the changover and/or complications expected would be greatly appreciated in advance. Hopefully this is a fairly straight forward motor/trans swap!!! Certainly looks the cheapest way out as the whole car which has only minor damage is worth less than a reconditioned gearbox so I think it may be worth the risk in buying the car.
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New V70 Engine Swap B5244 Non turbo to turbo.... [V70-XC70][2001]
posted by  Aussie Stig  on Wed Dec 10 07:53 CST 2008 >

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