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Hi--My wonderful 745Ti was wrecked a week ago. I'm considering repairing it, but then a 1997 850R popped up. It's red (I'd prefer black), 144,000 miles, sounds like great shape, Volans wheels (with Volans spare!), AT (only AT in 97?) interior sounds fine, only synthetic oil. The one issue is that the digital display on the dash below the odometer does not illuminate.
Asking price $8000, down from $9200 four days ago.
The NADA value of this car is $6000.

If I like it, I'll have my mechanic evaluate it before making an offer.

Any feedback the 850 Brickboarders can give me on this car would be greatly appreciated. What should I look for? I've scoured the forum for hints. By the way, he says the AC works fine, and that the car is free of electrical issues, except for the dash display.

I always imagined ONLY the manual transmission version for the 850R of my dreams...how big a compromise in driveability (and FUN) is the AT compared to the manual? I love my 5 speed 745!
Thanks again Tifosi

68 142S 87 745Ti 87240


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posted by  Tifosi  on Mon Jul 30 11:21 CST 2007 >

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