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240--2 questions

oops--wrong forum--sorry. just realized after i posted it. but if you have a 240...

i just replaced the cooling expansion tank and cap, as my hold one was leaking around the threads of the cap. now the new one his hissing (high pitch) but not leaking fluid after the engine is warm. with the engine cooled off somewhat, i can remove the cap and then put it back on. in a minute or two, more hissing from gas escaping. just a bad cap (again)? or too much pressure (e.g., from leaky head gasket--although this wouldn't make sense with the engine off, would it?).

also, how to remove the windshield washer nozzles? push out? pry off?

thanks in advance,
1982 240 DL (265K) , 1996 850 GLT (125K)

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