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Coolant loss V70-XC70 2000

A few months ago we noticed that after long trips the coolant would bubble up and overflow and after a couple of these events the low coolant light would go on. As it was due for its 60K service we mentioned this to the service person but it seems they ignored it as on the bill it was noted that the owner should top up the coolant.

A week or so later after a 20 mile trip in 90 degree temperatures the same thing happened again and we realized that we had not heard the cooling fan go on for a long time even after long trips and hot weather.

We took the car to a nearby service station and they said that it sounded like the fan relay or the fan. They replaced the relay and said the fan seemed OK but the problem still persists (coolant still bubbles up). There is no indication from the gauges in the car that the engine is overheating but the coolant is still bubbling over. Before we take it in again I would appreciate any ideas of what may be the problem.


New Coolant loss [V70-XC70][2000]
posted by  mahnrut  on Tue Jul 24 12:41 CST 2007 >

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