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98 S70 suspension advice needed S70 1998

Sorry in advance for the long post...

I have a 98 S70 with 113,000 miles (purchased in 2001 with 60,000 miles). The car has been making a rather unpleasant knocking noise when going over almost any size bump, even at low speeds. The local dealer has advised me that the right front spring seat needed to be replaced ($230). I took the car to an Midas and they said that the struts, strut mounts and tie rods (on both sides of the front end) need to be replaced (around $800, including 2 wheel alignment). Their pitch was that the labor was not much extra to do this all at the same time. They did not mention the spring seat at all.

Is the spring seat the same as the strut mount?

I plan to keep this car for at least another year and want to make sure I am spending my limited funds wisely. I have not replaced anything on the suspension other than a right front CV axel (?) and tires. I also had to replace the left front wheel bearing last year.

Should I just do the spring seat as the dealer suggests or take the plunge and do the struts, mounts and tie rods? Will new struts make for a "smoother" ride over bumps and holes in the road? Are there any brands that I should make sure they use?

Thanks for any advice on this.

FYI-This car a few other issues that I would like to fix eventually:
* front pass. door will not lock
* a/c evaporator is leaking (per a/c recharge leak test)
* driver door hinge make loud popping sound when opens and closes
* fuel door will not close


New 98 S70 suspension advice needed [S70][1998]
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