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Exhaust system repair S80 2003

I have a leak in my exhaust system that is located in the front muffler of the front muffler assembly. This is the assembly that is connected to the catalytic converter by a flanged connection. In my search for parts I have been able to determine that I can buy a "front muffler" and a "rear muffler> On my S80 the mufflers (3) are all welded together with a large one positioned just ahead of the rear bumper and the there are two mufflers, of about the same size, connected by welded pipes, and then the flange which connects to the catalytic converter.
My question is: do I have to buy the entire assembly, or can I buy individual parts, and then connect them with pipes and pipe clamps?
I hope I have made myself clear, and I'm sorry to run on a great length, but I don't know how else to explain it.
Thank you very much


New Exhaust system repair [S80][2003]
posted by  Watertender  on Mon Jul 16 07:49 CST 2007 >

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