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Volvo 2000 V70 XC won't start V70-XC70 2000

My 2000 V70 XC has developed an intermittent starting problem. This car has only 45000 miles, and has had the fuel system recall done.
It will start cold, but if it fails to start 1st time it will then try to fire and if it catches it will run very rough and then as soon as the gas pedal is depressed it will die. It will then not start unless it is left for about an hour. If it does start first time ,it seems to run fine until the engine is turned off and then it refuses to fire up again.
The fuel pump has been whining a bit when the tank gets down to about 1\4 full.
It seems to run fine , except for the fact that it seems to be really heavy on gas.
If this is a fuel pump problem, can I get at them myself, and if it needs to go to a shop, what should replacement of the pump\s run?
It has had the regular services at the dealer.
I really like this car and need to know how to look after it. Is there a way to get a manual without a mortgage, and wher do I purchase parts. Thanks.


New Volvo 2000 V70 XC won't start [V70-XC70][2000]
posted by  someone claiming to be Keith  on Thu Jul 5 13:59 CST 2007 >

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