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Measurement to determine bent alloy wheel V70-XC70 2004

I'm having some tire vibration and uneven tire wear on my 2004 V70R. Local tire shop says bent wheel. Volvo dealer says wheels are ok but belt separation in the Pirellis. Pirelli dealer says tires and wheels ok but alignment problems. Aaaarrrggghhhh.

All the balancing/force balancing and rotation haven't worked, so I'm starting from zero again. First, how does one measure for a bent wheel? That is, if it isn't visible when you revolve the wheel with the car raised on the jack, where do you measure to see what the run out is? I used my trusty Chinese dial indicator against the outer edge of the rim and got a pretty wide spread of measurements, mostly I think because the outer face of the rim is machined rather unevenly. Is there a place on the rim that you can reliably set the stem of the dial indicator to check the run out, and what is allowable, ie: within Volvo spec?



New Measurement to determine bent alloy wheel [V70-XC70][2004]
posted by  Metaphoric  on Sat Jun 30 07:44 CST 2007 >

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