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98 V70 AWD

I have A 98 v 70 awd WITH 147 KILOMETERS bought used in 2000. I just put a new low gear in it , a strut mount, new brake lines and a new master brake cylender. This was preceeded bt the electric door lock and the heater control system and temp sensor unit. The ball joints have a minor rattle but my mechanic (whom I trust implicitly) advises me to recover from this set back before I go to the plunge of the next repairs.I just rode in my friends rusty Cavalier and found her ride and rattle ratio significantly better than my meticulous 70. This car has been pampered. The bills for this are competing with my beloved 83 Saab.Do I dump it? This is excessive. No way should a MC suddenly leave my wife brakeless. Ball joints at 147 kilos? Rattles in a pampered vehicle never been on gravel ? My all season Buick is much cheaper to operate(and my kids hate it thereby bum rides saving me even more money.Am I complaining too much/


New 98 V70 AWD
posted by  someone claiming to be Dennis  on Sat Mar 25 14:54 CST 2006 >
  • New 98 V70 AWD
    posted by  MadeInJapan  on Sun Mar 26 02:39 CST 2006 >
    • New 98 V70 AWD
      posted by  someone claiming to be Dennis  on Sun Mar 26 08:12 CST 2006 >
  • New 98 V70 AWD
    posted by  KlausC  on Sun Mar 26 03:44 CST 2006 >

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