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!Serious Electrical Problem - Headlights quit working without warning 850 1996

Hello All,

I have a 1996 850 GLT wagon with 330,000 miles on the odometer.. Tonight, I went to put my headlights on. As I switch from the "O" (Off) to the parking lights setting, the parking lights came on. Then as I switched to the "On" portion for the headlights, the headlights did not come on and all the lights, including the parking lights and dashboard lights went out. Suddenly, the "ABS" and "TRACS" light came on. I had the ABS unit previously repaired by Victor Rocha. I flip the headlight switch several times and the head lights still did not come on. Suddenly, the headlights came on (along with the dashboard lights) and the "ABS" and "TRACS" light went off.

I turned off the car, turned it on, and once again the headlights would not come on (instead all the lights went off) and the "ABS" and "TRACS" came on. I had a spare light switch, so I installed it and still the lighting problem continued: yes, I had parking lights, but once I turned the switch to turn on the headlights, all lights went off including the dashboard lights and the "ABS" and "TRACS" came on.

I re-installed the original light switch and suddenly everything worked correctly and the "ABS" and "TRACS" went off. I have no idea what is causing this intermittent problem. However, next week I am driving down and back from VA and I cannot afford to lose my headlights. Has anyone else experienced problem? Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing it? Thanks to all who respond.



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