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No dash indicator lights 1993 240 200

1993 Volvo 240 : So other than the OD indicator arrow light, all of a sudden, all of the dash indicators no longer illuminate on my car? I've either lost a common ground to all of them, or the feeder to all of them. Has anyone else encountered this issue and can tell me what you found as the culprit ? Thanks, Todd

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    No dash indicator lights 1993 240 200


    I have never experienced the issue but others have.

    Most of the time it is a “indicator” that some face to face time needs to be spent down the the fuse panel of the drivers door hinges area.

    I think, don’t hold me to this, but the instrument cluster is feed by one of the top three fuses.
    These fuses are a little on the funky side against moisture due to the small contact area of the holding clips. They are cone shaped and fit into a round hole in the curve of the clip.
    If there becomes a build up, of just about any amount of bluish-green corrosion they start intermittently working or quit conducting.
    Some say just spinning the fuse helps fix them on the road.
    The hinge area is not the greatest place as moisture from rain and snow come in on your feet.
    The door hinge is a place that stays colder than the rest of the cabin most of the time.
    I have read that even the spade terminals, where the wires are can get corroded?

    I had my wipers stop once, just after having to need them badly. I was just 5 miles south of the San Fransisco bridge in a down pour. I feel I was just lucky they didn’t quit then!
    The rain had slowed down to a sprinkle and I went to turn them on again and they didn’t!

    I was able to stop and let my wife take the dogs out to do their business.
    I went straight to the fuse panel or the power source. It’s my first rule of troubleshooting!

    I spun the fuse that the-inside label said was wiper and such!
    Sure enough, by the time the dogs were done I was sitting there waiting for them, with wipers on ready to hit the road! My wife commented how quick that it took me!
    Again, I was lucky!
    I also learned to spray and or clean them every few years!

    This eliminates many other problems that pop up on other posters!

    So I suggest take a SHOT at it and a SHOT of LPS ONE or even a thicker level number TWO. It is heavy enough to keep them in good shape, for my several years mentioned.


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    No dash indicator lights 1993 240 200 1993

    You lost the feeder to all of them, for which the ignition switch is the usual suspect.

    However, there are other possibilities, such as the L-shaped connector (blue wire in it) at the rear of the speedometer, or the flex fuse on the cluster, both of which are in the path from ignition switch to warning lights.

    If nobody has had the instrument cluster in their hands lately, I'd go with the ignition switch, Todd. Try wiggling it.
    Art Benstein near Baltimore

    If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.

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