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Press reply to Art Benstein 200

Hi Art,

Yep, that's the press I have. Not sure what tonnage that one is?

Mine is older and made somewhat heavier, with a lot thicker steel and the hand wheel, for adjusting the screw in the ram is a lot thicker. It spins nicely due to the extra weight so you can make up several inches of stroke without pumping.
My unit is green verus the one shown in the photograph.
I think it was made, maybe in the late Sixties or early seventies and I picked it up in the mid eighties for $500 from my foreman. It was his Dads and his Dad needed cash for a divorce.
I got the deal because he didn't like his Dad!

The plate I was talking about goes on the front center two ribs. It goes about half way up to form a handy pocket to put my small pushing do-dads or bearing races into. I also keep steel, brass and aluminum pads and rods there until it overflows.
(:(. Yep, you got to watch out for your toes around presses.
I keep the maul spike in a separate place for splitting up the bucked lengths.

This January brought me very high winds and I lost a 50 ft. Bull pine into the neighbors acreage.
The roots are shallow due to all the rain I get. That will keep me busy on the press, this summer, splitting the trunk up.

I was looking for your pictures on the test light on an ignition coil, for Steve's post about he car running for ten minutes. But I haven't found it?
This was when I found a reply you made to me, that I of course missed.

I'm Sorry about that!


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