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CFC-Free A/C Retrofit Kit for Pre-1993 Volvos

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Written by Dave Urban.  Caution: This information is giving for purely information only. No Warrantee is either given or implied. Only people who have the correct equipment should perform this task.

Years ahead of legislation, Volvo first introduced CFC-free air conditioning on all of its U.S. and Canadian 1993 model cars.

With the public's increasing concern about the environment, Volvo released a retrofit kit for older model Volvos in the spring of 1993. The kit allowed Volvos with existing R12 freon based air conditioning systems to be converted to use a CFC-free refrigerant. Volvo was the first automobile manufacturer in the world to offer such a conversion kit for older model cars.

When I purchased my kit from my local dealer, I was shocked to find that it did not include any type of instructions. They were kind enough to fax it to me. This is a web version of the instructions that I received. I have added some of my own comments in italics. This is not a job for the weekend mechanic. It does require special tools. Some of those tools can be used at the shop then the work done at the house.

[Editor] When the instructions mention "torque joint to 12 Nm" this means to tighten until snug. Don't overtighten: the seal is made by the o-ring, not the threads. Lubricate the o-ring before installation with compressor oil; use a backup wrench on all fittings; and test with soap solution (which will bubble in the presence of a leak) after

Supplementary Kit 1, mainly for cars not equipped

  • with,factory-fitted valve,
  • with pipes or where pipe has
  • been removed as a service fix 

Supplementary Kit 2

  • Shaft seal kit for cars equipped with Sanden Compressor
          Replaces 9145664-0       
740/940   9145660-8  9145661-6    9134032-3    9134344-2 (SD-510/508)  9134345-9 (SD-709) 
B230F  -92     
D24T  -87     
B230FT  940SE USA Turbo 1991    

The basic kit comes with

  • New receiver/Dryer
  • R134a filler valve
  • Ester Oil
  • O-rings
  • R12 Filler permanent Caps
  • Circlip
  • Kit costs: 9145660-8 - $57.00
  • Supplement #1 - $30.00

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