Volvo Roof Rack Construction

[Tips from L. Sage] Here is some information about putting together a very sturdy, yet reasonably priced set of gutter clamp roof racks. They are extremely sturdy and you can increase their structural integrity by using stronger crossbar materials.

  • The cornerstone of this roof rack is the Quik N Easy gutter clamp brackets. These are available for $46.50 plus a nominal S&H charge(csot me $6.00). The website for the cheapest UKS-1 Bracketsprice is: Search their online store for the UKS-1 brackets. They are cast aluminum and are extremely rugged yet simple to use.
  • Yyou can opt to buy the crossbars and clamps with the brackets as a complete set of racks with 5' crossbars for about $70.00 plus S&H. Still a good deal compared to Thule or Yakima rack systems. I found both to be extremely expensive.
  • Once you get the brackets, you can use any of the following for crossbars all of which are available at Home Depot or Lowe's: -iron pipe -metal conduit -copper pipe -galvanized pipe or fence posts. I used 1.25" copper tubing.
  • My parts list was as follows: 4-galvanized split ring pipe clamps@ $1.65 each 4- 3/8"x1.5" bolts -0.10 each 1-10' section of 1" ID Copper pipe-$7.50 4-copper pipe end caps-0.75 each 2-1.5" eyebolts(optional depending on what you are securing)$1.00 2-lengths of foam pipe insulation-$1.20 each I cut the copper tubing with a tubing cutter to 2 lengths of 50". I then used JB Quick Weld to fasten the end caps to insure the ends were not sharp to catch an eye or clothing or whatever you plan to carry. I then placed and tightened the split ring galvanized pipe clamps approx. 4"in from the end of each section of pipe/crossbar. I then bolted Quick N Easy brackets to the copper tubing/crossbars with the pipe clamps in place with the 3/8" bolts(hex heads). I painted the crossbars with a stainless steel finish paint. I don't like the look so they will be spray painted flat or satin finish black. I also drilled holes straight through the exact center of each crossbar to accomodate the 1.5" eyebolts for securing my bungees or EPDM hook straps.
  • I have not decided yet how to fasten the bungees or straps to the outside ends. This can be as simple as horizontally drilled holes to accept the EPDM strap's hooks or I will use some chain or cable rigging hardware from Home Depot or Lowe's. Or.....I'll just hook the straps directly to the crossbars. Total cost: Approx. $85.00 with straps and eyebolts as well as foam pipe insulation to cover the crossbars as I use the racks to hold my surfboards on my 93 945. Bottom line: you can set these up to hold just about anything from 4x8 sheets of plywood to boats, to surfboards to fishing poles...whatever.

Volvo Maintenance FAQ for 7xx/9xx/90 Cars


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