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Volvo Maintenance FAQ for 7xx/9xx/90 Cars

Model Year Changes and Features. Back in prehistoric Volvo time, the factory badged cars with numbers defined as Series +Cylinders+Doors. Hence, a Volvo 264 was a 200-series car with a PRV-6 6 cylinder engine in sedan format with four doors. A 142 was a 100-series car with four cylinders and two doors. A "5" at the end meant five doors or a wagon. This began breaking down when the middle digit was used for the 760 to refer to trim line instead of cylinders, e.g., a 764 sedan may have a turbo-four or six-cylinder engine, but has in both cases a more extensive trim package. In later years, the factory stopped badging the cars in this way and only the owners refer to their cars so. Hence, a "940" sedan is unofficially a 944; a 960 wagon is in the eyes of owners and mechanics a 965. this system was formally abandoned with the newer five cylinder front drive cars in 1993.

Bosch or Rex-Regina Systems?

[Inquiry] How do I identify my fuel injection and ignition system? [Response: Chris Mullet/Chris Herbst] Many 1990+ non-turbos have Rex/Regina systems; most turbos seem to have Bosch. Between 90 to 92, all non-California non-turbos were Regina cars. There were some 89s and there were some at least until 1993 if not later. The Regina cars are anything but rare. Regina systems are characterized by:

  • Only one fuel pump which is in the tank, without a pre-pump; and this fuel pump is not as high a quality as Bosch
  • Ignition coil is a wierd sort of amplifier-looking thing on the LH strut tower, versus a standard looking cylinder-shaped coil.
  • Uses an intake air temperature sensor and a MAP sensor, instead of the mass airflow meter.

Vehicle Identification Number Coding.  The VIN number (stamped on a plate next to the driver's-side front windshield) for the 700/900 series cars can be decoded as follows:  (those listed are common in US and Canada applications)
A. 740/  

Digit # Description Code Definition: <=1991 Definition: >1991 if different
1,2,3 Manufacturer: YV1 Volvo  
4 Model: A 240  
    B 260  
    F 740  
    G 760  
    H 780  
    J 940  
    K 960  
5 Safety Equipment A 3-pt seat belt plus SRS 3-pt seat belt plus SRS
    S 4-door with SRS 4-door with SRS
    W Wagon with SRS Wagon with SRS
    T 4-door with seat belt only 4-door with seat belt only
    X 3-pt seat belt only 3-pt seat belt only
6,7 Engine  69 B280F  
    74 D24 TIC w/EGR  
    75 D24 TIC w/oEGR  
    76 D24T  
    77 D24 (81-84)  
    80 B230G  
    81 B234G/B230FK  
    82 B230GT (LH 3.1)  
    83 B230FD  
    84 B230E/B230GK E=elektronisk
    85 B230FB  
    86 B230FT  
    87 B230FT  
    88 B230F (LH 2.4)  
    89 B234F  
    92 B6244F  
    93 B6254F  
    95 B6304F w/o catalytic converter  
    96 B6304F w/ catalytic converter  
    98 B6304G w/o catalytic converter  
    99 B6254G  
8 Doors 0 - Basic engine
  (1992+: emissions) 1 4-door with SRS Engine with EGR
    2 2-door  
    3   Alternative fuel/ignition system
    4 4-door with seat belt only  
    5 5-door wagon  
9 Check digit   Computed as error check  
10 Year D 1983  
    E 1984  
    F 1985  
    G 1986  
    H 1987  
    J 1988  
    K 1989  
    L 1990  
    M 1991  
    N 1992  
    P 1993  
    R 1994  
    S 1995  
    T 1996  
    V 1997  
    W 1998  
    X 1999  
11 Factory 0 Sweden (Kalmar) Sweden (Kalmar)
    1 Sweden (Torslanda) Sweden (Torslanda)
    2 Belgium Belgium
    3 Canada Canada
    4 Thailand Thailand
    5 Malaysia Malaysia
    6 Indonesia, Australia  
    7 Sweden (Uddevalla) Indonesia
    A Sweden (Uddevalla) Sweden (Uddevalla)
    D Italy  
12-17 Chassis number   Unique 6-digit chassis number   
Example: YV1JS8315S3210849   Volvo 940 4-door with SRS  
      B230FD engine  
      with EGR emission control  
      Made in Canada  
      Chassis number 210848  

Product Plate Number Coding.

The Product Plate is located on the passenger's side of the front radiator cross brace and has the following additional information in the five lines on the right of the label

Line Digit Description Code Definition
2 2 Transmission 2 M46 (4 speed+o/d)
      3 M47 (5sp)
      5 ZF22
      6 AW 70L/71L/72L with lockup
      7 AW 70/71/72 without lockup
3 Last Steering Rack 2 Cam Gear
      3 SZF
4 First Brakes 2 Girling front, ATE rear
      3 DBA/Bendix front, ATE rear
5 All Paint Code   http://www.vlvworld.com/

Service Label Number Coding.

The Service Label is located on the driver's door

Line Description Code Definition
5 Fuel pump type 2 Pierburg
    3 Bosch
    4 AC-Delco
    5 Sofabex
7 Clutch Type 2 Fichtel/Sachs
    3 Verto/Volvo
8 Alternator 1 Bosch
9 Steering Gear # 1= Koyo; 2=Cam Gear
    # 3=SZF; 4=TRW

Other Identification Locations.

Other identification labels are located as follows:

  • B230 and 234 series have labels on the timing cover and stamps in the left block below the head.
  • B280F have stamps on the block, either between cylinder banks toward the rear (early) or on the right front between inlet manifold and water pump.
  • B6304F have labels on the timing cover and stamps in the left block.

    Transmission:    Metal plates affixed to the left-hand side of the transmission, just above the pan

    Rear Axles:       Labels on the left side of the axle housing, as follows:

  • 1030:  Standard rear axle
  • 1031:  Heavy-duty version of standard solid axle with limited slip mechanism
  • 1041: Heavy duty solid axle with automatic locking mechanism
  • 1035:  Multi-link rear axle
  • 1045:  Multi-link rear axle, with automatic differential lock

Transmission Model Information. See this list for automatic transmissions used in recent Volvo RWD cars:


Model Years Transmission Type Engine Type/Size Transmission Model Remarks
90 SERIES 97-98 4 SPEED RWD L6 3.0L AW 40 (A341E) AW 30-40LE
240 85-92 4 SPEED RWD L4 2.3L AW 70 03-70
240 92-93 4 SPEED RWD L4 2.3L AW 70L 03-70L
740 85-89 4 SPEED RWD L4 2.3L ZF 4HP22 4HP22
740 85-90 4 SPEED RWD L4 2.3L TURBO AW 71 03-71
740 85-91 4 SPEED RWD L4 2.3L AW 70 03-70
740 90-92 4 SPEED RWD L4 2.3L AW 70L 03-70L
740 90-92 4 SPEED RWD L4 2.3L AW 72L 03-72L
740 90-92 4 SPEED RWD L4 2.3L TURBO AW 71L 03-71L
760 85-90 4 SPEED RWD L4 2.3L TURBO AW 71 03-71
760 85-90 4 SPEED RWD V6 2.8L AW 71 03-71
780 87-90 4 SPEED RWD L4 2.3L TURBO AW 71 03-71
780 87-90 4 SPEED RWD V6 2.8L AW 71 03-71
850 93-97 4 SPEED FWD L5 2.4L/2.3L AW 50-40 50-40
940 91-97 4 SPEED RWD L4 2.3L AW 72L 03-72L
940 91-97 4 SPEED RWD L4 2.3L TURBO AW 71L 03-71L
960 93-97 4 SPEED RWD L6 2.9L AW 40 (A341E) AW 30-40LE

List of Paint Color Codes

[Tip from Volvoworld]  See http://www.volvoworld.com/ for a comprehensive list of paint codes

Volvo Maintenance FAQ for 7xx/9xx/90 Cars



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