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Notes on Wheel Bearing/Hub replacement

I replaced the hubs all around 3 years ago and made the mistake of using cheapo
2/$70 Chinese hubs. I do very low mileage with my 850 and the front hubs were both very noisy AND I suffered from braking shudder, the faster I was going the
worse it got. Junk Hubs.

I just replaced with FAG hubs which are probably OEM. and a lot more costly.

Loosen the 32MM drive axle nut on the ground before getting on the jack stand.

Remove the brake caliper and bracket and rotor I used a heavy copper wire to
tie the caliper up high on to the spring to keep it out of the way.

unfasten the upper sway bar link You can easily pry the sway bar against the frame with a short 3' piece of pipe to raise and lower the stud on the link for

remove the two control arm bolts at the frame leaving the control arm hooked to the steering knuckle.

remove the axle nut, steering knuckle and control arm

Now you need a 1/2" drive (NOT 3/8) E-14 impact socket and an application of
MAPP gas to remove the 4 hub bolts. I used the HF electric impact wrench.
Get new bolts with the hub. The heads tend to get nasty.

Use Never-seez on the bolts on reassembly

When reassempling be careful to have the caliper in front of the spring-
Murphy wasted some time for me when he slid it around back, requiring some
back tracking to get the brake line right.

Maybe someone else has a better method, but this might help someone.

happy motoring, Bill

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