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2006 xc70 stalling at idel V70-XC70

2006 xc 70 recently purchased 205,000 mi. Performed some of the things that were not kept up with... pcv sys, plugs, timing belt and all related stuff. Soon after i bought it rough idle at times and then will just quit, get it restarted after a couple of trys and runs great for awhile and then back to rough idle and die. I removed the intake and throttle body and cleaned entire throttle body and it was very dirty. It has run good again until today with the same issue as mentioned above. My cleaning did not resolve the issue. Any thoughts on the throttle body? I haven't found much on the internet relating to my 2006. Is there maybe some other "sensor" that i need to look into? Maybe the throttle body needs to be replaced. Does it have to be programed like the earlier ones? (1998-2002)? I only have one code that continues to come up and that is EGR issue. I havn't given this much attention because i didn't think it would be related.
Thank you very much.

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    2006 xc70 stalling at idel V70-XC70

    These days, EVERYTHING is related. Thank you, computerized cars.

    As for the TB, cleaning is good, but check the plug carefully along with the pedal position sensor.

    If there is only the EGR fault code, fix that.
    Keeping it running is better than buying new

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    2006 xc70 stalling at idel V70-XC70

    Could an EGR issue represent a large vacuum leak and cause your issue?

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