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OEM vs. Third Party Hitch XC90


I just took delivery of a 2019 XC90. I am thinking about putting a hitch on it, in order to use a hitch-mount bike rack. Given the height to get the bikes up there, the concern for clearance issues, aerodynamic impact, and limiting the view from the gorgeous moonroof, I'd rather not do roof mount.

Am I better off getting the OEM hitch, or looking for a third party to install one (assuming I find a competent vendor)? Any ballpark idea about the respective costs?

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    OEM vs. Third Party Hitch XC90

    Given the high cost of a dealer installed hitch, close to $1,000, I would go for a really cheap hitch. Just make sure that the hitch uses existing bolts under the car and doesn't require drilling holes in the subframe where rust can start. A class I hitch made in Bangladesh sounds good, if you add a layer of flat black paint to help it from rusting really fast. Oh, you might want to coat the inside of the receiver with a very thin layer of grease so that part doesn't begin to rust.

    Keeping it running is better than buying new

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    OEM vs. Third Party Hitch XC90

    Congratulations on the big purchase! The new XC90s are great looking SUVs.

    An OEM hitch is a good idea if you ever intend to use it for towing. When they install the wiring your dealer will also reprogram the car to change the way it behaves when a trailer is connected. Check the documentation from Volvo on the specifics, but it probably changes at least the behavior of the transmission and that of the electronic stability control.

    If the bikes is all you ever intend on using it for then it will surely be cheaper to install an aftermarket hitch.

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