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Re: Fuel rail connection size?[700/1985] posted by Steve Ringlee on
Monday, 17 April 2000, at 11:07 p.m.

From the newest [unpublished] version of the FAQ:
Fuel Pressure Test Tool. At last check, Volvo wanted $600 for the pressure rig to test control,system, and residual pressures. I built one for much less ... here's how. Parts needed:

2 Banjo 'nut' fittings (the ones that actually look like a banjo). Hack apart old fuel lines from an Audi, VW, or BMW from the wreckers to get the ones with the small nipples. Make sure they're the same diameter as your Volvo (see the tip below for Volvo parts needed.)

1 Brass Tee , 3/8" NPT

1 Brass Valve, 3/8" NPT=20

1 150 psi gauge

2 2.5" 3/8" NPT brass extender (pipe w/ both ends threaded)

2 3/8" NPT brass nipples

2" vacuum hose

4 small tie wraps (zip ties)

1 nylon spacer, 2" long, that will accept the 'bored' banjo bolts

some telfon tape for sealing

Now, hook them up in this order:

Banjo Nut - 1" vacuum hose - nipple - extender -tee -valve- extender-nipple-1" vacuum hose - Banjo Nut

Use the tie wraps to clamp the vacuum hose onto the banjo nuts and the nipples. Vacuum host isn't ideal for this, but the tests are short term and a short piece of the hose holds the pressure just fine. The gauge goes on the top of the tee. Be sure to use teflon tape to seal all connections.

One of the banjo bolt goes where your control pressure feed line connects to the fuel distributor. The other one gets bolted into one end of the nylon spacer. The other end of the spacer has the control pressure feed line bolted to it.

Now, follow your Bentley or Haynes directions to test... when placing the tester into the fuel circuit, be sure to orient the valve on the correct 'side' or else you'll only be able to measure system pressure.

Special Volvo Fittings to Make Connection. [Tip from Neal] Here are the Volvo part numbers for two hard to get parts needed to build a fuel pressure gauge assembly:

9995267-7 Nipple $27.45
9995116-2 Hose $ 9.30

The nipple is the fitting that connects between the rubber fuel line and the fuel rail. The hose includes the banjo fitting that attaches inline with the nipple. The other end of the hose is an unusual fitting that I
imagine could connect only to a Volvo fuel pressure gauge. I cut that fitting off, and installed a 1/8" male pipe thread with barbed fitting pressed onto the hose. The 1/8" male pipe screws into almost any fuel
pressure gauge found at any auto store. Make sure you get a gauge that goes to at least 100psi. --
Steve Ringlee, Ames, IA


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